Friday, January 29, 2010

Good Ol' Rocky Top

After my graduation, David and I spent a week in good ol' Rocky Top. We had a super busy week in trying to see as many friends and family members as possible. I picked him up from the airport on Saturday and we headed downtown to meet a group of friends from medical school for dinner.  We ate at Sauces on Main Street in downtown Memphis - a fun mojito bar with a great atmosphere and delicious food.
At dinner

David with the Radiologists, Ben and Will

Leaving dinner

Me and Sara-who is expecting a little girl soon!

Sunday we had a delicious lunch at my grandparent's house with family and then we hoped into the car headed east towards Oak Ridge to spend a few days with David's parents.  On our way we stopped in Nashville to have dinner with Morgan and Jennifer - friends from medical school.  We ate at an adorable local taco shop and visited with them for a while in their awesome new house.

David moved to Oak Ridge in east Tennessee when he was 11 years old and lived there through high school.  It is a beautiful, scenic town not far from the Smokey Mountains.  We had a great time with his parents going to a movie, shopping, eating at Big Ed's, attending a Tennessee Vol's basketball game, and opening Christmas presents.

At the Tennessee game...

After 3 days in Oak Ridge, we headed back to Somerville and went with my mom and niece to Starry Nights at Shelby Farms- a drive-thru holiday light show.
Waiting in line Maggie was so excited to see the lights...

The entrance...

In the holiday spirit, we also made a gingerbread house with Maggie and christmas candy with my grandmother -- well, I made Christmas candy while David watched sports with my grandfather...

Some of the homemade candy including peanut butter balls, fudge, fruit cake cookies, white chocolate pretzels, and most importantly - divinity, my absolute favorite...

Until recently, it has been a tradition for the women in my family to make homemade candy before Christmas. We start early on Saturday morning and listen to Christmas music while we scurry around the kitchen. Catherine typically tries to get out of dirty-dishes duty,but we always have fun. After ingesting a few pounds of sugar you never know how the peanut butter balls will turn out. One year Catherine and I experimented with a "splatter" themed batch after difficulty dipping the peanut butter mixture in chocolate.

On Friday night we went to Zach and Brooke's Wedding in Somerville. I have known Brooke since I was born and Zach since about pre-school. They are such a precious couple and after watching them date for years, it was great to see them tie the knot.

Catherine, Brooke, and I spent many hours together growing up. 
Here we are one Halloween - Me, Catherine, Brooke, and Abby...

I love Cat's outfit in this pic...
She was always a die-hard Ninja Turtles fan...

Back to the wedding...
The happy couple leaving the church

Me, Catherine, Stephanie, and Bailie at the reception

Us leaving the wedding


  1. I'm so glad you guys made it!! Your pictures of us when we were little are precious:) I'm glad you have this so I can keep up with you guys! Miss you girl, love!!!

  2. Love the pictures of you girls when you were little!! Very sweet!!