Tuesday, January 12, 2010

80's Madness and Our First Snow-Sighting

Our first fall in Utah continued to be exciting as the orthopedic surgery crew further proved their eternal fun-ness with a love of themed parties.  For a resident's birthday an 80's celebration was held.  Sadly, David and I had given most of our 80's gear to Goodwill before the move -- so we had to take a trip to the local thrift store to stock up on new-old clothes. David's med school class had an 80's party once per year and we had thought our themed party days were over with his graduation.

We started the night at a friend's house and then actually went out in public after dinner in our fashionable dress to see an awesome 80's cover band - the Spazmatics.  Everyone had a blast.

Here are a few pictures to give you a visual:

Your future orthopedic surgeons...

The better halves...

Personally, I think we would have fit well into the 80's.  I'm particularly fond of David's pants.

The Spazmatics were great with all the awesome sounds, styles, and way cool dance steps from the 1980's. Good thing for you, readers, they play all over the country so you don't even have to travel to Salt Lake to see them.

In pursuit of our first snow-sighting, David and I ventured to Snowbird's Oktoberfest celebration in the mountains.  We got our wish along with some beautiful scenery.  We love living so close to the mountains with so many great things to do outdoors.

Our first encounter with snow -- and in October!

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