Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Antelope Island, Picnics, & Birthdays

After the job search that began soon after moving, I was offered two positions in one week.  I started working the first week of November at a local hospital's newborn unit part time and PRN for an incredible early intervention program for children ages 0-3 years old with delays or special needs. I'm enjoying both so much as they are both a little different than anything I've done.  The timing worked perfectly because David began a vascular surgery rotation in November which required him to work a few more hours per week than he had been previously.  Since David still had most weekends off, we continued to explore our new surroundings.

Not far from downtown SLC is Antelope Island State Park.  Located on the Great Salt Lake, it is 22,000 acres of beautiful landscape.  With friends, Mike and Jen, we visited the park for the annual bison roundup in November.  Its a great place to visit as they have white sand beaches, campgrounds, hiking/biking trails, horseback riding, sailing, swimming, and much much more.  We're excited to go back next summer for more adventures.

Mike and David learning to lasso...

Antelope Island is home to over 500 Bison

We had to stop to let them cross the street -- they were not afraid of humans...

We stayed until sunset and then headed back downtown for dinner at the Red Iguana.  For those of you who love mexican food, you must eat at the Red Iguana in Salt Lake.  Its a local favorite that most often has lines out the door during lunch and dinner.  They are famous for their moles, but everything on the menu is delicious.

Later that week David and I both had a day off mid-week so we bought lunch at one of our other favorite mexican food places, Chipotle, and had a picnic in Sugarhouse Park.  The weather was warm and sunny with blue skies -- the perfect day for a picnic.  We ate and then toke a walk enjoying the beautiful city.

The day before, I had cut all my hair off.  My first haircut since we were engaged.

Yummy Chipotle...

Sugarhouse Park

Later that week we celebrated the lovely Suzanne's day of birth with a wine and appetizer party. It is always fun to hang out with these guys.

The wives -- for some reason minus the birthday girl..

Some of the boys...

The Birthday Girl with sweet baby Ada...

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  1. It looks beautiful there. I'm glad you left a comment on our blog. I didn't realize you all had one. It was good to catch up...via blog.