Friday, March 19, 2010

March Parties

March has definitely been full of crazy weather.  I've spent days bundled up in a coat and scarf and days in short sleeved tops.  For the most part the weather has been great - we've been enjoying all of the sunshine for which Utah is known.  After getting settled in to our new home with several days of warm temperatures we woke up to this in our backyard...
Luckily it melted by that afternoon and the next day the temperature was back in the 50's.  I have to admit, even though we've enjoyed the snowy winter, I'm ready for summer.

March was also full of parties.  There was a baby shower-cookie swap for our sweet friend Hilary who is due any day now.
The goodies
Of-course I had to sample one of each. You know, to be polite.

Not the guest of honor at this baby shower, but how cute is Emily with her baby bump...

With the Junior League's March Madness, Hayley, Emily, and myself went to the Dream Dinners party.  We discovered a great way to have good, healthy meals without spending hours in the kitchen.  You go to Dream Dinners where they have all the ingredients ready to assemble with directions at each station.  All you have to do is put them all together in large ziplock bags, take them home, and put them in the freezer.  When you're in need of a quick dinner just thaw and throw it in the oven.  Everything was delicious and so easy.  We've already made a second trip for more meals.  

Also in March,  fellow ortho wives Suzanne and Katie threw an Oscar's party.  We all created dishes inspired by nominated movies and came together to watch the awards show.
Some even attended in red carpet inspired attire.
We had a great time discussing the best and worse dressed along with all of the movies.  


In February I was able to fly back to Somerville and surprise my grandparents at their 50th wedding anniversary party. I loved being able to celebrate with them and see my family.  I am blessed with two wonderful sets of grandparents whom I grew up seeing at least 2-3 times per week. They are both very inspiring couples who have strong, loving relationships that I admire. 

Here they are at the big celebration...
With their four daughters
With the grandchildren (minus David and Austin)
Anna and Maggie being silly

For our first Valentine's Day as a married couple, we had breakfast at the lovely Ruth's Diner up in the canyons.  We had some delicious biscuits and omelets.  
After breakfast...

On the slopes...

Afterwards we went skiing for a while then came back home and made dinner together.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Well,  David is off skiing with friends and I'm headed to a Cookie Exchange Baby Shower.  Beginning March 1st David has been on the ortho trauma service and has been very busy which has left me to do most of the unpacking.  We are finally getting settled in our new house and looking forward to staying put for a while.
I'm so excited to have friends coming in town to visit tonight.  Alison, Carmen, and I have been friends since our first day of nursing school. I've missed them so much and can't wait to show them around SLC!

The 3 of us one halloween.

Here we are in New York this past summer for my bachelorette party.
Its going to be an exciting week!

Friday, March 5, 2010


With Park City only 25 minutes away, we ventured out during the annual Sundance Film Festival.  In true Utah style, oodles of snow welcomed all the directors, critics, and actors.  On the first Friday, Emily and I went Park City's Main Street and had lunch at The Eating Establishment.  Afterwards we walked around town in search of celebrities.  Due to the snowy weather and most people being bundled up in hats, sunglasses, and scarfs we were unable to figure out who all we saw, but are pretty sure we had some sightings as a few times while walking several camera men would pounce on a particular person snapping countless pictures.
We did see AC Slater filming a clip for Extra...

And we went by the famous Egyptian Theatre where just the night before Robert Redford spoke at the opening of the festival...

Later that weekend David and I ventured out to the Canyons Resort where we have season passes.  Everything being so crowded made us wish the festival was over, but we had a great time on all of the fresh powder.

The next weekend we attended a film with some friends. We saw the Grand Jury Prize Documentary, Restrepo, about the deployment of a platoon of US soldiers to Afganistan's Korengal Valley.  Apparently the Korengal valley is one of the most dangerous postings in the US military.  The film was great and very enlightening.

Whoo hoo -- Sundance tickets!

Just a little excited
Me, Emily, and Haley -- Of course the husbands weren't up for a pic.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

January Highlights

In January, there were many olympic qualifying competitions in the area and we were lucky enough to attend the Free-style skiing International World Cup at Deer Valley. It was thrilling to see these great athletes fly down the mountain.
The moguls course

Dinner in Park City before the event...

We even met a 2010 Olympian, Nobuyuki Nishi who was very excited to take a picture with Melissa, Suzanne, and myself

I was excited to have some extended family, the Baggets, visit Deer Valley in Park City the same weekend and Emily and I enjoyed skiing and hanging out with them at Park City Mountain Resort.

Also in January...
Frank had a bowling birthday bash

We spent many days on the slopes

Our gorgeous city
The last couple weekends in January were spent at the Sundance Film Festival. I'll tell you about that next...