Monday, August 29, 2011


Two years ago today I wore this...

And these...

And he escorted me down this aisle

To this beautiful place

To Join Lives with Him

Surrounded by friends and family

We said I do
And promised to do our very best for each other

Our magical night was celebrated here

A good time was had by all

And we're living our happily ever after...

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Special thanks to these people who helped us celebrate such a special time in our lives

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Visit Turns Bad

My dad's parents planned a long 3 week road trip to visit the western US.  There first stop was to see us in SLC with hopes of staying with us for a few days before heading further west to California. 
They arrived on Thursday and I was able to leave work for a long lunch to meet them at Temple Square in downtown SLC.  They spent the afternoon exploring the downtown area then met us at our house after we got off work.  We took them to Millcreek for a scenic walk before dinner.

The only picture witht them while they were here
In Millcreek Canyon

The next afternoon while David and I were at work, we got a call from my grandfather who said he thought my grandmother had a broken bone.  She had stepped off of a porch and twisted both ankles. They met us at David's hospital where he did some quick Xrays and discovered that she had fractured her ankle - 2 bones in 3 places- and she would require surgery.  Luckily, with David working in orthopedics, we were able to get her through the system quickly and now she is back in Tennessee, recovering well. Hopefully they will get to come back to finish their trip soon.  But, for now she can't put weight on her foot for 8-10 weeks.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

3 Generations

A couple weeks ago there were 3 generations of women in my home.  My mother and grandmother traveled to SLC to visit.  You won't believe this, but it was actually my grandmother's first time to fly in an airplane. She was nervous, but once here came to the realization that it was much better than the awfuly long drive across the country. 
Due to her brave journey, I tried to make her stay most enjoyable.  We cram-packed all the touristy Utah type things in that were possible during their 5 days in town.  Luckily, with my work schedule, I had all of the 5 days off without taking vacation due to a Utah holiday (Pioneer Day) and with working 4, 10 hr shifts per week, I left work Thursday and didn't have to return until Wednesday. 

Day one: They took the morning direct flight from Memphis to SLC and arrived around 9:30am.  We got their bags and went to my home.  Once they got the grand tour of our humble abode I showed them our neighborhood and we had a fabulous little lunch down the street at Paradise Bakery.  After doing a little shopping we went back home to where we picked up David.

We set out for the most beautiful drive to Sundance. 
Along the way we stopped at Heber Valley Artisan Cheese for snacks.  David was excited to discover a whole store dedicated to making cheese - you can even watch them making it through glass windows inside. As most of you know, David has a great love for all things cheesy.

Me, My grandmother, and my mom

 We took the long, more scenic route to Sundance.  I say more scenic because both are breathtaking.  One takes about 40 minutes, the other a little over an hour. On the way we went through one of the cutest little towns, Midway Utah.  We're looking forward to visiting this town again and were pleased to discover it so near.

 After Midway we drove along Deer Creek Reservoir and in to the those Mountains.
Then we arrived at Sundance.  Our eyes were peeled for a Robert Redford sighting but we never got a glimpse.
Sundance is such a beautiful place.  We don't venture down there too often with all the resorts closer to us, but after this visit we can't wait to go back again.

Once there we had a picnic dinner in the wooded mountains.
 After dinner we attended the Blue Bird Cafe Series show for the night.  It was incredible.  Perfect atmosphere, great weather, just a very relaxing night.  They had 3 singer/songwriters from Nashville in town to perform.  Each of them took turns telling stories and singing songs they had written.  Two had guitars and one had a keyboard. 
This may make me sound old, but it was great to not have any loud music with people jumping up and screaming.  Everyone cuddled up in blankets, sat back, relaxed, enjoying the show amidst the mountains.

Lori McKenna, Tom Douglas & Allen Shamblin were all fabulous.  It was neat to hear how they were inspired to write certain songs and hear stories of them writing with artists.  Each had songs recorded by big names including Garth Brooks, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Lady Antebellum (Run), Randy Travis, Allen Jackson, Miranda Lambert (Tom Douglas and Allen Shamblin actually co-wrote the house that build me and won a grammy), Patty Loveless, Willie Nelson, Kenny Rogers, ect.  They were funny and entertaining. 
We're excited to have discovered this series and we hope to go to all of these next summer.

The next day we went to the Farmer's Market, to lunch, and the ofcourse to Millcreek for a flat, scenic hike before getting ready for dinner.
In Millcreek
On Sunday we attended the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's morning service, then went to Park City.

A spectacular event to see and hear in person. 

Park City has what they call Silly Market on Main Street every Sunday in the summer. It is kind of like an arts and crafts fair along the street. 

Then we rode the ski lift for some spectacular views.

On Monday we went shopping and to a movie at the $1 theatre down from our house. 
Their last day in town we had breakfast at Silver Fork Lodge.  Silver Fork is one of our favorite local breakfast places.  They have a great patio with mountain views.