Monday, August 15, 2011

Days of Summer

I love summers in Utah.  The warm weather (without high humidity), mountain hikes, river rafting, music with a perfect atmosphere all make it one of my favorite seasons in SLC.

Even though we traveled a lot the past few months, we had some good times in SLC and Park City.  Here are a few random pictures from our days of summer.

Our house.  I love our front yard full of flowers and our comfy rocking chairs.

One of our favorite places to go is Millcreek Canyon.  We go most Sunday afternoons and even some evenings after work.  There are lots of trails but some of our favorites are pipeline and Neff's canyon.  Pipeline is flat and easy to run so we head up there after work some nights for a scenic jog.

That is David jogging in front of me one afternoon on pipeline -- I stopped for a breather/photo-op, he didn't.
Even in late June there is snow on the tops of some of the mountains - You can see quite a bit in the distance here.

By the end of July it is all melted away.

My Handsome Husband

In the beginning of the pipeline trail there is a stream that runs through the trail in several places.  Peyton loves the water. We always have to stop to let her play.

Also, this summer I did the annual Race for the Cure with some friends

 We've had a bunch of cookout/get togethers with friends.  We've mostly rotated houses.  I've neglected to take pictures at most, but here are a few from the Derby themed BBQ.
The boys playing some weird toss game.

Some of the girls

With Sabrina and Erin
With Emily
 In our Derby Hats

Sadly our friend Katie moved to Baltimore for her husband to complete one year of fellowship training.  For her going away party we rented a limo that carted us around for a night of fun in the city. 

Peyton wanted to be like Daddy and Mommy

So, you might be asking yourself why is our dog was wearing scrubs.  Well, David had taken off his shirt and Peyton was playing with it when she got it stuck around her neck.  Logicaly, instead of taking it off we put it all the way on her.  She seemed to like it!

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