Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Visit Turns Bad

My dad's parents planned a long 3 week road trip to visit the western US.  There first stop was to see us in SLC with hopes of staying with us for a few days before heading further west to California. 
They arrived on Thursday and I was able to leave work for a long lunch to meet them at Temple Square in downtown SLC.  They spent the afternoon exploring the downtown area then met us at our house after we got off work.  We took them to Millcreek for a scenic walk before dinner.

The only picture witht them while they were here
In Millcreek Canyon

The next afternoon while David and I were at work, we got a call from my grandfather who said he thought my grandmother had a broken bone.  She had stepped off of a porch and twisted both ankles. They met us at David's hospital where he did some quick Xrays and discovered that she had fractured her ankle - 2 bones in 3 places- and she would require surgery.  Luckily, with David working in orthopedics, we were able to get her through the system quickly and now she is back in Tennessee, recovering well. Hopefully they will get to come back to finish their trip soon.  But, for now she can't put weight on her foot for 8-10 weeks.

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