Monday, August 8, 2011

Time Moves On Things Change

I'll get back to updating you on our summer soon, but now I wanted to share this with you.

This afternoon I went up to Neff's Canyon (about 10 minutes from our house) for a walk/hike with mountain views.  My parents gave me a new lens for my birthday so I took my camera along hoping to test it a bit.  

I took this about 4 months ago...
 And in almost the same point on the trail (just a little further up) I took this today...
 4 months ago...

Slightly different angels, but I promise these are the same spots.
It is amazing how such little time can change the look of something so much.  Time is flying. It makes me want to stop and take everything in - you know enjoy every moment.

I also took these of Peyton today.  She is growing so fast.
Sad face here because I made her sit and stay.  She is not the best model as she never wants to be still.
 She loves to go on hikes

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