Friday, January 15, 2010

Utah Hikes

Utah is famous for its natural beauty.  It's a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts with its National Parks, Ski Resorts, Hiking/Biking Trails, Park City, Lake Powell, Temple Square, Whitewater Rafting, and more.  Our hope in moving here is to explore as much of this beautiful land as possible. While the weather was still nice in September and October we went on a few hikes.  Within only a few miles of our home we have an unlimited number of hiking trails to explore.

One afternoon we hiked a trail about a mile from our home called the Living Room.  On a beautiful fall afternoon it was a great short, relaxing hike in the foothills above the city.

I still can't believe we get to live in this place

Erosion in the area has created piles of smooth, flat rocks that people have arranged into stone furniture built on a ledge overlooking the city.  Couches, chairs, footrests, and even tables have been stacked into the hillside.

Our home is somewhere on the right side of the screen covered by trees.

Another gorgeous day we hiked to Lake Blanche in the Wasatch Mountains with some friends.  This strenuous trail was about 6.7 miles round trip, but totally worth it when you pay attention to the canyon scenery and the gorgeous lake at the top.

Taking a water break on the way up...

Gorgeous view at the lake

I love my husband!

I was so excited to have one of my best friends, Alison, come to visit.  While she was in town we did a little shopping, spent some time in Park City, and did a short hike up to Ensign Peak.  It is a fairly easy hike from just behind the capital building that gives you great views of downtown Salt Lake.

We've helped each other get through Nursing school and Nurse Practitioner school alive.  I'm so sad that we live 1600 miles apart now, but know that one day we'll live close again.

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