Saturday, January 9, 2010

Life in the Wild Wild West

Our first few months living in Utah proved to be very exciting.  David was on fairly easy rotations so we had lots of free time to explore our new city.  The first week my mom and grandparents drove out to bring my car and our wedding presents. They stayed for a few days and got to see our new home.  It was nice to see them and show them around.

Me with my mom while she was in town
With my Grandparents in Temple Square

The University of Utah orthopedic surgery residents are a fun group of people.  It's nice moving across the country with built in friends.  They get together frequently and always have a good time.  The second weekend with hiked the Timpanogos Mountains with a group.  Lets just say that Timpanogos is no amateur hike - its 14.8 miles roundtrip with over a 4000 ft elevation gain.  Although I feared for my life on more than occasion, it was totally worth it and beautiful.

We started out at 7:30 in the morning

The landscape was phenomenal

I had to tape of my blisters about 3 miles in...

Here is the group about 6 miles into the hike.  We can see our destination, the peak behind us. The last leg proved to be the toughest.  As we got into higher elevation we could feel the lower amounts of oxygen in the air.

We conquered the mountain!  Here we are on the very tip top.

We all enjoyed lunch on the peak with a great view of what we just traveled through.

Here is the group on the way back down

David and James

When we finally made it back to the cars we were all starving from our long journey.  We settled on pizza for dinner at The Pie Pizzeria -- one of our favorite places to eat.  I think between the 9 of us we ate around 5 pizzas -- food never tasted so good.


  1. yayyy! glad you are blogging now! It's so much easier to keep updated on everyone. that's great your mom got to visit!

    miss you guys!

  2. and p.s. that song that plays first on your blog is totally my favorite song right now...of course:)

  3. Yep, I finally joined the blogging world, but I'm still learning! I love reading yours!

    I knew you'd love that song :) Mostly because I do and we have the exact same music taste! James Morrison has a new album out too!