Thursday, July 7, 2011

BVIs: Part 1

Catch up from spring...
We spent the last week of April on a sailboat in the US and British Virgin Islands. It was absolutely beautiful and one of my favorite trips yet. We went with friends and spent a week sailing wherever we wanted. I know you're probably thinking we must be crazy doing this without a captain, and I thought so too before we got there. I admit I was worried we'd be lost at sea or stranded on a deserted island or eaten by sharks, but we all survived and had a fabulous time - no major injuries sustained.
Day 1 we flew to St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands then headed to the Frenchtown Marina to pick up the boat

We all needed a few lessons in sailing, so we got the quick run down on how to stay alive for the next week.

Then eight of us prepared to spend 7 days on lovely Sarah Sue exploring the islands.
After a few turns around the harbor we're off on our own
Praying we make it back to St Thomas alive 

Our captain and his first mate had a few sailing trips under the belts, but had never been in charge of the boat before. They did a great job navigating us around the area.

That first night we stopped off the coast of stunning St. John.
First sunset from the boat.

Later that night, Dmitri and Dave thought it would be fun to snorkel by moonlight.  That didn't end well when Dave stuck his hand in a sea urchin.Thus we had our first surgery on the boat.
Good thing we came prepared with enough medications and equipment to run a small clinic!

The next morning we snorkeled along Cinnamon Bay in St John.
Snorkeling in the BVIs was incredible.  We saw tons of tropical fish and sea turtle.

During the week, we parked the sail boat off shore and used the dingy to get to and from the islands
That afternoon David and Dmitri dropping us off on Cinnamon Bay

 The men worked hard to get a coconut

Then worked even harder to get it open...

Beautiful beach, crystal clear water

 Back on the boat raising the main sail
 Heading to customs on Jost Van Dyke
 Another great snorkel spot on the way
Back on the boat 

To be continued...

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