Wednesday, July 20, 2011

BVIs: Part 3

Sailing vacation continues...

The next day was my absolute favorite! That morning we sailed on to do some snorkeling at the Dog islands, but we ran into some jellyfish that scared us away despite the other great creatures.  Dmitri suffered from a sting and felt terrible all day. We quickly left the jellyfish land and headed to Virgin Gorda to see the famous Baths

You can see our boat in the distance
Me, Haley, and Suzanne

Lon and David
We had lunch at the Top of the Baths - perhaps the restaurant with the best view in the world.  It was incredible, while we were waiting on our food we swam in the pool and took in the views.

We ate at that table in the corner in the shade.

After lunch we headed down to walk through the Baths to Devil's Bay.  Along the winding trail we saw hidden baths full of crystal clear water as we climbed up and down the rocks.

David on the rock

On Devil's Bay

Back on the boat we spotted Pirates!

That afternoon we sailed on to Cooper Island where we had a lovely dinner by the ocean at Cooper Island Beach Club.

View from our dinner table
The next day we sailed on to do some snorkeling and a little scuba diving at the Rhone Shipwreck.  It was really neat to see - not too deep. The Rhone was a 310 foot steam sailor that sunk in 1865. It is incredible to think that it has been there that long.

Dmitri and Erin dove deeper than the rest of us who just gazed on the wreck from close to the surface.

After some great snorkeling we sailed on along to Norman Island.
David furling the jib.  He loves sailing and keeps talking about buying a sail boat. 

One of the best snorkeling days was spent at the Indians off the coast of Norman Island.  We stopped on the way and saw quite a few fish.  We even had a sea turtle swim up to our boat.
Mooring at the Indians

Lon and Haley found a live conch. Don't fear - we didn't eat him

More surgery on the boat

To be continued

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