Thursday, July 28, 2011

BVIs: Part 4

Sailing trip continues...

After snorkeling The Indians, we boated on over to Norman Island. Norman Island was mostly without people except one little restaurant and a floating bar and grill that you can only reach by boat.  We had lunch there then spent the afternoon on the beach outside of the restaurant playing games and relaxing in the water.

They had the largest jenga game I've ever seen.

We played jenga for a while then rode the digy back to Sarah Sue where we got ready to hit up Willy T's - an old boat transformed into a restaurant and bar.

Lon enjoyed an afternoon shave off the back of the boat

Ready for a night at Willy T's

After a fun night we headed to bed then sailed back to St John.  We checked back in at the US customs and then enjoyed a lovely day on the island.

Once we were cleared through customs we walked around St John, had lunch, then went to the Westin Resort.
We went to the Westin's pool and even snuck in for a shower at their fitness center and spa. The shower was much appreciated after 6 days on a boat with a tiny bathroom!
Iguana doted the landscape everywhere you looked.

All clean, we headed back to the boat to grill out for our last night on dear Sarah Sue
Leaving St John

Last night on the boat

The last morning we had a beautiful sail back to St Thomas to return the boat.  They staff seemed surprised that the boat was in such great shape - I think we were too.

The brave company that let us charter their boat for the week

Last look at our home for the week

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