Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Coast

The final leg of our trip was spent on the coast.  We stayed in Bodega Bay and then on our way back to San Francisco, drove down the stunning Highway 1. We only spent one night in Bodega Bay and we actually had a rather calm relaxing time.  After eating out most all of our meals for a week, we ordered room service and spent the night in bed watching a movie.

The Incredible Bodega Bay Inn

It is amazing what beautiful places God has made on this earth.

Our last day in California

Haha - This little coastal town has a sense of humor.
Point Reyes

We saw 4 whale migrating south!

Cliff Diving?

Driving down HWY 1 was such a great end to a great trip!  Our flight actually didn't leave until after 8:00 that night so we were able to watch the sunset over the water as we drove in o the city on our way to the airport. This was definitley one of my favorite vacations so far. I have to give props to David as he is the ultimate vacation planner. He researches the best places to stay and things to do - I'm such a lucky girl!

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