Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The First Big Snow of the Season

November 21st brought the first big snow of the season.  We had a few storms that brought a couple inches, but nothing impressive until these clouds passed over. This is when we gladly discovered that Peyton loved snow.  For the other small storms she didn't seem to like it, but she had a blast playing in this 10 inches.

Beginning of the day - more snow to come

Tree in our front yard

 We got out of the house around 8:00 and were the first people to visit Sugarhouse Park that morning.  It was so beautiful without any disturbances- just the quiet snow piles.

She loves to dip her nose in the snow and throw it up in the air.

 Later that day we went back to the park to meet some friends. Peyton and our friend's dog, Honey, had a great time catching snowballs and chasing each other.
Sweet Kelly had fun throwing snowballs even at almost 9 months pregnant!

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