Sunday, March 13, 2011

Visiting Friend from Afar

A couple weeks ago my awesome friend Alison flew out for a long weekend.  We had an incredible amount of snowfall during her visit - almost 4 feet in the mountains over the weekend.  Alison is a great skier so it was fun to have a couple ski days with her.

Her first day here we spent the day at Canyons resort in Park City

They have a great new chair lift that we call the orange bubble.  An orange shield comes over you and it has orange heated seats which feel really great on a cold snowy day.

In the Orange Bubble

Lunch break at the lodge

On Saturdays Canyons has outdoor concerts at the bottom of the mountain.  We listened for a bit before heading back in to SLC.

The next day we played around in Salt Lake.  It was a holiday weekend with great snow so the resorts were fairly crowded. We took Peyton to Millcreek and played for a while.
Alison's snow angel.

Chasing Peyton

That is a lot of snow!

Then we met David at Sugarhouse Park just down from our house and went sledding

On Alison's last day we headed to Solitude.  We had a great blue sky day with tons of snow.

Alison on the slope


Beautiful Day

It was so great to see her.  We wore ourselves out during the days so we didn't do too much at night.  We did find time to have dinner at Trio - one of our favorite local restaurants.  If anyone heads to SLC, you should stop in for some delicious pizza, salads, and pasta.  

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