Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ski Date

Last Monday David and I both found ourselves off of work.  It wasn't a holiday weekend so we decided to have a ski date day at Deer Valley.  It was incredible.  We had great snow, blue skies, and warm sunshine which all mixed together makes for my favorite kind of day in the mountains.  On top of the great atmosphere, since it was a weekday we pretty much had the place to ourselves.  We had such a fun day together - one of my favorite dates this year.

Beginning of the day

Snack Lodge

Incredible scenery

We found lots of powder in the trees
It was so great to have the whole day together - just us.  I'm getting much better on skis and am finally able to keep up with David.  Last year he'd go down some tough stuff and I'd find an easier way down.  Now, I'm soaring down with him.
We skied all day only stopping for lunch. Deer Valley by far has the best food of any of the ski resorts.  We shared a bowl of all natural turkey chili and scarfed down lots of cornbread muffins then headed back out on the mountain.
We took a little break in the trees and snapped these pics.  

David jumped a cliff...

Now all you blog readers should be convinced that Utah has incredible skiing.  Come on out for a visit!


  1. Amazing scenary! I would love to make it out there one day while you guys are there!