Sunday, March 6, 2011

2010 Winter's Fun

Besides the holidays, I'll just fill you in on a tiny bit of our winter and then try to move on to present day.  We've stayed busy with parties, work, hiking, and skiing. Here's a quick wrap up of our happenings...

We got a lot of snow

 We have a great patio at work with beautiful mountain views. I love to eat lunch out there, but this couple feet of snow kept me away...

 In early December on one of our most favorite hikes in Millcreek.

We had some fabulous ski days at Deer Valley in Park City
 We love skiing with the Beckmanns. James and David fly off into the trees and off cliffs and Emily and I take it a little slower.

 Christmas party with the ortho girls
Thanks for hosting Haley!

We drank wine, ate food, and played a very fun game of dirty santa.

David and I had a Christmas themed date and went ice skating 

 Cookie Swap!
 Thanks for hosting Suz

Katie's Birthday Party
Love these girls!

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