Tuesday, January 25, 2011

California Trip Continued: Muir Woods

Once we saw the sights in San Francisco we headed about 30 minutes outside the city in search of the famous California redwood trees.

On the way we stopped for the most delicious feast at this little restaurant...
A charming little coffe shop with the amazing breakfast. If any of you are headed to the San Fransisco area, you have to dine here.

After the much needed nourishment we made it to Muir Woods .
Much to my surprise, we did not see the huge trees I was envisioning.  I was expecting the giant redwoods- you know the massive trees with trunks you can drive through in a car. Little did I know that I would learn something on this trip. There are 2 species of "redwoods." There are the "big trees" or giant sequoia redwoods. There are also coastal redwoods which are the tallest living things on our planet. Some of them are 360 feet tall - this is what we saw in Muir Woods.

One day soon I hope to visit Sequoia National Park to see the largest trees in the world, specifically General Sherman - the circumference of its trunk is over 100 feet. For now, I'll settle for some of the tallest...

Interesting fact:  Return of the Jedi was filmed here.
It is truely an enchanting area.

After visiting the redwood trees we went to Muir Beach

And saw some seal on our way to Sonoma

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  1. Ahhh! Once again I am so jealous of all your travels! Y'all go to the most beautiful places. Can you just pack me in your suitcase next time you go somewhere? ;) All of your pictures are just beautiful too! Hope all is well!