Friday, January 21, 2011

Catch Up Time: San Francisco

Wow, where to begin. I've been such a terrible blogger that I feel the need to play catch up.  Since I use this blog as our family scrapbook as well as an easy way to let family and friends from afar know whats going on in our lives, I want to tell you about our fabulous trip to Northern California.

We took a week off and flew to San Francisco in late October.  It was my first visit to North Cali, but with the help of some thoughtful friends here in Utah who are from that part of the Golden state, we planned a fun filled vacation. Our first stop was San Francisco, a town with which I am now in love.  It was unique and beautiful. Here is a peak at what we did:

We walked around downtown San Fran and saw the famous Cable Cars

Ghirardelli Square
David especially had a great deal of fun at Ghirardelli.  They had 3 or 4 chocolate shops around the area and in each one you got a free square of chocolate to sample.  Needless to say, we may or may not have gone into each store more than once. The chocolate was delicious.

Cool boat in front of Alcatraz

On this trip, this picture is as close as we got to the famous Alcatraz Island.  We didn't take the boat tour, but that is something I'd like to do in the future.  I've heard that it is a really great, unique experience. 

Fisherman's Wharf
Fisherman's Wharf was a lively waterfront area with lots of people, restuarants, and shops. David ofcourse loved all the boats.  He still hopes to buy a sailboat this spring.

Crookedest Street in the World
We walked up the crookedest street.  Surprisingly there are residential homes along each side of it.  I would hate to live there because I think it is often a traffic jam with people attempting to drive down it.

City Overlook
At the top of the crookedest street.
From one of my favorite childhood shows - Full House!
Ofcourse I couldn't visit San Francisco without seeing the famous Victorian Painted Ladies. 
Golden Gate
We spent a good deal of time walking around Golden Gate Park. 
There were great hiking trails and a cool little pier and cafe at the bottom next to the water.

One afternoon we stopped for a snack and glass of wine at this amazing restaurant

View from our table
Then we traveled along down the beach to find these
crazy hang gliders

Random girl on the corner of Haight-Ashbury
Visiting this area makes you feel like your living in the flower-power, incense-burning,
tie-dye-wearing, peace-and-love-vibing era of the 60's.
In the 60's this was one of the most famous intersections in the country.  Apparently, young people came to it from all over the world in search of love and peace

More beach time

 Hubby and I enjoying the dazzling beach


Stay tuned for our next stop...

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