Sunday, April 25, 2010

Southern Utah Vacation 4: Zion

Zion National Park may very well be the most beautiful place on earth.  Pictures and words can't describe it well enough.  You must visit in person to absorb the magnitude of beauty in this place.

We arrived on Friday afternoon, set up camp, and went out to dinner with friends.  The following morning we arose, had breakfast, and set out to hike the Subway.

Some of us braved the trail from the top down - through snow and swimming in frigid water. And some of us got to the Subway from the bottom up.  David and I didn't have the correct supplies to swim in the freezing waters so we went from the bottom up.

The pack and gear I brought compared to Suzanne's pack and gear...
Reason why we choose to go the other way.

David playing in the snow at the top

Dropping them off at the top

The brave ones minus Dmitri who took off before the others:
We took a before pic - just in case they didn't make it back...
These guys froze and questioned whether they would keep all of their toes along the way. They had wet suits for the swimming, but weren't in the sun often so they didn't warm up easily.

The not so brave...
Or maybe just the smart ones

Yep, we came down that

In the Subway

The water was freezing

But it was beautiful

Us in the Subway

After enduring the freezing water - we sun bathed on a rock for a while and ate lunch

One fit pregnant girl...
Happy they survived!  We meet up with the others half way.

Most of the hike was along this river. We crossed back and forth several times

The view at the end of the trip

The Whole Zion Crew

After the treacherous hike, we all had burgers at Oscar's, a delicious burger joint outside the park.  We camped again that night and drove back to Salt Lake City the next morning ending an amazing vacation.  

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  1. You are such an outdoors woman!!! This looks so fun and a great way to stay in shape on vacation.