Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Southern Utah Vacation 1: Moab

We had a fabulous vacation in Southern Utah.  We were able to do so much in only a week.  On Tuesday morning, we left a snowy Salt Lake City and a few hours later ended up in Moab, UT where it was over 60 degrees.  Each day brought more warm and sunny weather as we explored the beautiful land.

The first afternoon of our adventure we visited Arches National Park.

World Famous Delicate Arch

The Holts

The Beckmanns

To show you how massive this natural arch is -- Emily and I are in the center...

Throughout our vacation, Emily's beloved camelback attempted suicide a number of times.  Luckily, James was able to rescue it after it tumbled down this cliff...
You can barely see him in the center.

Scenic Arches National Park...

That night we stayed in a cabin at the incredible Red Cliffs Lodge.  Situated in a bend on the Colorado River, it was breathtaking.  It has actually been the site of many films including Rio Grande with John Wayne. 

Enjoying the deck

View from behind our cabin

Sunrise on the Colorado River in front of our cabin

Our View from Breakfast 

The following day we rented a 4x4 Jeep and the boys navigated along red rock trails and cliffs while Emily and I bounced around in the back.  There were several moments where Emily and I were too terrified to ride on the narrow cliffs and nearly 90 degree drop offs in the trails- at these moments we opted to get out and take pictures.  Although we were scared, David and James were in heaven and thoroughly enjoyed driving the jeep. 

The Team

The Vehicle

The Drivers

The Terrifying Terrain

Incredible Views

The Riders

Yes, we fit through there...

We opted to take pics of this particular ride called Hell's Revenge. You may note the huge drop offs on either side.  On our way back to return the jeep, the boys decided to look at the directions given to us and found that this was a prohibited trail...

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