Tuesday, April 6, 2010

More Visitors

A couple weeks after Carmen and Alison went back to Tennessee, we had a mini med school reunion with the Whaleys and the Watsons.   The Whaley's arrived on Saturday and we had a few friends over for a cookout - taking advantage of our newly acquired backyard, patio, and grill.
On Sunday we hit the slopes.  The weather was great - warm and sunny and we enjoyed a great day skiing with Taylor, Tiffany, and Frank.

Only Tiffany's second time on skis...
The Boys

David and Frank in action (Taylor is in the trees somewhere)

Tiffany, Taylor, Julie, & David
Checking to see if David was conscious after a fall...

After a full day of skiing, we headed back to Salt Lake to pick up the Watson's from the airport.  We were all exhausted from skiing and traveling, so we ordered in 3 pizzas from the Pie Pizzeria -- our favorite pizza place in Salt Lake -- and spent the night catching up and reminiscing about our time in Memphis. 

Regrettably, David had to head back in to work at the hospital on Monday. Geoff, Ashley, Taylor, Tiffany, and I headed to The Canyons Resort in Park City.  We had a great time on another warm day. 

On Tuesday, the girls needed a break so we had breakfast with the boys at Ruth's Diner - this delicious little restaurant up in the canyons.  Then we had a girls day with a little shopping and a movie.  David ended up getting off most nights by 6:00 so he was able to spend time with everyone after work.  We grilled out a few nights and went to dinner
The whole group at the Red Iguana

The boys at the grill.
They made delicious steak, salmon, chicken, and burgers over the course of the week.

We got some good ones...
The boys cooked and served us wine while we relaxed.

More Fun in the Snow....
Geoff making an impressive snow angel





We ended the ski days with a Double Big Gulp...

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  1. how fun Julie! It's nice to know that you can still have fun while your husband is in residency. Again, this gives me hope for the future!