Friday, February 26, 2010

Moving on Up

Well, it is official:  I passed my exam and am now a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner.  Words can't describe the relief I felt when seeing the words PASSED on the screen. Time, money, sweat, and tears have been lost to this cause and it feels amazing to have finally reached the goal. 

Whats been going on with us...

David spent the month of January working with the Trauma team. Initially we thought he would be very busy working long hours, but that turned out not to be the case.  Lucky for us, he was on the rotation with two other interns who divided up the call time and with the University of Utah's night float team, this meant that David ended up having most days off before 3:00 and several where he was home before noon!  We took advantage of this short-lived trend with many days in the mountains.  I have to tell you, my skiing skills are starting to improve!  For the month of February David has been working with pediatric ortho at Primary Children's Hospital.  It has been a great rotation for him because he loves working with children. He has been enjoying his time there and is seeing some interesting cases.  

A group of the ortho wives and myself have started some traditions in 2010. Every Tuesday we come together to watch the Bachelor.  I know what your thinking - the Bachelor comes on Monday nights, but we have a dear friend, Elizabeth who can't make it on Mondays so we watch it on Tivo a day late.  Everyone brings a dish or a bottle of wine. It has become a highlight of my weeks as I so enjoy hanging out with them.  Since the Bachelor is almost over, we have to find a new show ASAP and are thinking we may watch American Idol.  We spend more time eating and talking than actually watching TV, but it gives us a reason to come together every week.  While we are alternating homes to host, the boys usually get together to play poker at a different home.  

Also my best friend in Salt Lake, Emily, and I have spent a lot of time together during the days that we both have off work. In an attempt to get back in shape after the holidays, we catch a class at the gym - either SET, Lift, or Turbo Kick.  After working out for an hour, we reward ourselves by going out to lunch. We've had so much fun and have been able to scout out the best lunch (and dessert) places in the city.  

I'll catch you up on some of our exciting January/February weekends soon.  I have to be quick because its moving day for us -- well moving weekend.  Thats right, we are moving into a house!  This will be the first time I won't be living in an apartment for almost 7 years.  I can't be more excited.  We'll have a yard and a two car garage..... living the dream :)


  1. That's fantastic, Julie! I'm so thrilled for you, you have no idea! I can't wait until I can be done with school like you are... I'm jealous :) And congrats on the house! That should be awesome!

  2. COngrats girl on a house!!! You will never want to go back!