Sunday, December 5, 2010

Scary, Fun, New Hobbies

Since we live in one of the most beautiful states with so many outdoor activities at our fingertips, we are trying to take life by the horns and experience everything it has to offer.

Some sweet friends of ours are quite the outdoorsmen and on a weekend trip to Zion National Park (my most favorite NP), they planned a rappelling adventure.  David had done some rappelling in the past, but I was a rookie.  Luckily, they were patient with me.  

This was the beginning of the trail. We hiked and rappelled down cliffs for 5 miles into that crevice.

Our fearless, skilled leader Andy

In one of the narrow parts of the canyon, having a blast...


I'm starting to get the hang of it
At first it is hard to let go and give all your weight to the rope, but once you've done that its an amazing feeling.

Cool view looking up from the top of one of the long rappels

James on the first long rappel

David - dropping over 100 feet!

Me - only slightly terrified!

The last rappel was into water. This is me dropping in to the Narrows - a gorgeous hike in Zion NP
Notice all of the people stopped to watch and take pictures of the crazy people jumping off the cliff, haha.

View from the bottom.

We had such a fabulous time and we can't wait to try out some different canyoneering trails.  Now that winter has set in, we won't be heading back out until spring.