Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bryce Canyon

My best friend, Emily, had a big birthday recently which we celebrated in Southern Utah.  Unfortunately, my camera took a dive in to some water, so I don't have many pictures to show you. I do have a few from friends.  We spent a night in a super nice cabin outside of Zion National Park (Thanks James).  Although I love camping and sitting outdoors next to a fire, I have to admit it was great to be able to sleep on a nice, soft mattress and wake up to a warm shower the next morning. 
We spent the day in Zion then came back to the cabin, cooked dinner, ate cake, and played catch phrase. There was also a pinata beaten for its candy.  

Blowing out her candles.  Of course its Funfetti cake!
 With her family

The next day we went to Bryce Canyon - 
Yet another beautiful place we've come across in this state full of surprises.  

 Henry lets us know what he thinks of Bryce Canyon.  That face is saying this is no Zion!

 Even though it was no Zion NP, it was still quite beautiful.

The Weekend Group

 A good time was had by all.  Unfortunately it was a bad weekend for my things.  After my camera took a dive in the Narrows, my car got stuck in some mud and a tire was gashed while trying to get it out.  It all turned out alright - I ended up getting a new camera and four new tires the following week which may have been a blessing in disguise with all of this snow we've had here lately. Its nice to have good tread while driving on this slippery stuff.

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  1. Beautiful pictures! I love the picture of baby Henry sticking his tongue out, haha.