Thursday, September 9, 2010

Uintas Camping Trip

Sorry for the lapse in posting this summer. With this incredible weather and multitude of outdoor activities at our fingertips, its been hard to find the time to update this blog. 
I'll try to fill you in on some our summer fun.

For part of the summer David has been on the nightfloat rotation.  His residency program has a great set up where all the residents take a set amount of time and work nights. That way, once they are finished with their nightfloat rotation, the don't cover nights for the rest of residency.  Although it was hard not seeing him much during the week, he did get every weekend off so we were able to have many adventures. I've been lucky to find a great group of ladies who have kept me from feeling lonely on weeknights. We even have a weekly girlsnight. Thankfully, tonight is his very last night of this rotation. Yay! Now I'll have to remember how to cook since I guess he'll be expecting dinner!

Back to the summer fun...
One weekend we took a camping trip to the Uinta Mountains which are a litle over an hour from our home. With the higher elevation, the weather was perfect for camping. It cooled off just enough at night to warm up comfortably by a fire. The boys tackled some fly fishing and we went on walks around the lakes. Peyton loved her first overnight adventure.

View from the car on the drive to the Uintas. On the other side of that mountain is Park City.

Across from our campsite.

First Family Photo

Sweet Ada enjoyed her first camping trip as well...

The only catch of the night. I'm glad we brought food for dinner...

Guarding dinner

Delicious meat, veggies, and cheese pouches cooked on the fire.

Day 2 at Provo Falls

It's amazing what God has created...

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