Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rafting Down the Provo

Another summer adventure involved rafting down the Provo River.  We went with a group of friend with the intent on floating down the river in tubes, but once we discovered that the water was freezing we decided to go with a couple rafts instead. We had a fabulous time in the hot summer sun with the cold water to cool us off
My "cousin in law", Barton, lived with us for a month while doing an away rotation. During the last year of medical school, they are able to travel to different residency programs to spend a month working in the specialty they choose. During David's last year of med school he spent a month here in Utah as well as a month in D.C. at Georgetown. We're super excited because Barton will be going in to the same specialty as David - orthopaedic surgery.  He had a great time in Utah so we're hoping he'll match for residency out here too. 
He was able to find time during his ortho rotation to join us on the river.

The Group

Gearing Up

The Girls

Gorgeous Day

We survived the river even after a treacherous encounter under a bridge.

We ended our trip with some grub at In N Out Burger.  Famous for its delicious burgers and new in SLC. Apparently its a big hit on the West Coast and is making its way across the country. They were very good and easy on the wallet.

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