Saturday, January 28, 2012

September Staycation: Zion, Angel's Landing

After a lovely day in Bryce we drove through Zion National Park to our lodge where we stayed for the rest of the week. 
We stopped before on our way to take in this breathtaking scene.
 About to enter the tunnel that opens up inside the park.
 Our home for the week, Cliffrose Lodge was incredible.  I highly recommend it to anyone planning a Southern Utah Vacation.  The rooms were larege and clean, the beds were comfy, and we had outstanding views. It was very convenient to the park and the hot tub and pool were also a plus.
View from our balcony which was also a great place to see the stars at night.

Out to a delicous dinner at Whiptail Grill which may be my new favorite eatery in Springdale. It was reasonably priced and delicious.

Where we spent most of our nights - in the hot tub and pool.

Great location.  We only had a quick walk on this trail right into the park.

First morning out we hiked Angel's Landing.  David and I had done this hike before on our first trip to Zion and loved it.  It has some of the best views at the top.

 A little treacherous at times...
No, this photo was not edited.  That really is a few hundred feet straight down just off the trail.
We survived and made it to the top!

 Breathtaking panoramic views of Zion
 Worth the treacherousness

Yes, we hiked up that

Morgan was not a fan of falling off a high cliff.

 After a great day in (an on top of) the canyon we took the Zion bus back to our place and relaxed in the hot tub before dinner.

Check back later for details on the rest of our trip!


  1. these are gorgeous pictures! i need a vacation. lol

  2. Wow this vacation looks incredible! I have never been out to Utah, but seriously will consider it now. Little did I know what stunning places were out there! Thanks for sharing your photos!