Tuesday, September 6, 2011


As I told you earlier, for my birthday we were able to spend a four day weekend in Chicago. Before this trip we had only been to Chicago once - in the dead of winter. It was a miserable 9 degrees with piercingly cold winds.  Needless to say we did not explore the city much. August was 10x better. We stayed downtown close to the lake and parks.  David went to conference during the day and I would sleep in, go for a run around the city and along the lake, then meet him for lunch.  We spent our afternoons and nights being tourists. 

Walking around town after lunch

In the park

The infamous bean


One night we walked down Michigan Avenue to the John Hancock Building

Incredible views

With Chris and Priscilla

We spent an afternoon at Wrigley Field watching the Cubs

Stadium seats on top of homes?

The group!

Architectural Boat Tour

Later that night we went to dinner here to celebrate my birthday

On the way to dinner

Chicago was a fun city!

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