Sunday, August 1, 2010


Another great Salty Lake adventure...

Some friends of ours have a sail boat and they were so sweet to invite us to go sailing with them.  We had a beautiful, blue sky day and had quite the adventure.  

The boys
Soaking up that Vitamin D

Me and the Hubby

The winds were good to us, until we attempted to head back in to the marina.  Out of nowhere, we were attacked by a "Tooele Twister." Winds started blowing from all directions and the boat was tossed all over the lake.  Chaos struck us all as the boys tried to lower the sails.  The girls were hanging on for dear life.
Fortunately, after a few minutes the sails were lowered and the winds calmed down. Thus began the long trip back to the marina with the wind blowing directly against us. Poor Ashley ended up missing a flight.

The only other boat that decided to brave the windy day

Home Sweet Home


  1. Great pictures! Looks so relaxing!

  2. That looks like so much fun and it's beautiful!! So question is will you get on a sailboat again?

  3. Haha... we've actually been back a couple times since :)
    It was scary, but fun once we lived through it.

    Thanks Jessica!