Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Family Visit

We had a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend --  mostly because my parents and niece came to visit.  We showed them all around SLC and Park City, spent lots of time playing, and took Maggie up in the mountains to play in the snow - which she loved because it was warm outside.

Playing in the park down the street from our house...
Funny Face
A little help on the monkey bars - she needed "David's Help - not anyone elses"

We went out to breakfast at Ruth's Diner and then headed on into the mountains in Park City

My parents in one of my favorite spots in Salt Lake...

We played in the snow in Park City...

We also visited the Great Salt Lake Marina

David and my dad also went Fly Fishing...

While my mom and I took Maggie to the Children's Museum
She had so much fun that we could hardly get her to leave.  She even called me recently to ask if she could come back to visit Utah and go to the Children's Museum again.

I'm so glad that my parents finally made the trip out west and can't wait for the whole family to come.  It has been hard moving so far from home, but still exciting to explore new parts of the country.


  1. Aw so fun! I still can't get over how much she looks like you when we were young! She so cute!

  2. Awe yay Julie!! I am glad you got to see your parents. I know exactly what you mean. I miss my family so much!! It has been almost 6 months and that is longest I have ever gone without seeing them. My parents come in 3 weeks I am sooo excited!!!